Rock Solid Fund

How to apply for support

Rock Solid Fund

OK my event qualifies, what do I have to do to apply?

Please contact with a phone number and one of the board members will call you to discuss your ideas and advise on how to make a successful application. The application should then be sent by email and describe:

  • The requested donation value or maximum guarantee value (Note 1)
  • A description of the event
  • A budget that demonstrates that the event aims to be financially viable, including the total costs and a reasonable number of attendees required to break even.
  • For communications, the intended communication, type of event to be publicised and target audience, together with a budget and request for a maximum 50% contribution to the cost.
  • Your bank details 😉
Note 1
So that the Fund can support a variety of events per annum, we operate with a maximum limit of €2,500 per annum per recipient. This also works within the Belastingdienst limit on personal donations, above which the recipient is taxable, which can be found here:

A couple of things:

Is that all? What obligations do I have?

RSF would like to be thanked/named for their support on the event’s social media publicity until the event(s) are completed. A thank you at the event is also appreciated!

The three board members would like to be able to participate in the event so please keep three spaces for us. These don’t have to be free places, we are happy to pay. We will let you know promptly who can come, so that unused places can be sold. Usually at least one of us will be there.

Donations, once offered in writing, are unconditional and the RSF requires no influence over the event.

Cancellation: If the event is cancelled by the organisation, the donation won’t be granted, or must be returned within five calendar days of cancellation. If an event is cancelled or deferred due to Covid restrictions, after discussion/agreement with the Fund the donation may be kept if needed to cover losses incurred or retained to support the deferred event. Please keep the fund informed so we can confirm this in writing.

And finally … We may ask you to write a short feedback paragraph for the RSF website.