Rock Solid Fund

How to apply for support

Rock Solid Fund


Requests should be sent to

The applications should request a specific value or maximum guarantee value and be a small-scale project where RSF's support has an impact. There is a Belastingdienst limit on personal donations, above which the recipient is taxable. RSF operates within that limit and will grant a maximum of 2203 (or the current year’s limit, as published on the Belastingdienst website) to any applicant. This also enables the Fund to support a variety of events per annum.

The application must give a description of the event and a budget that demonstrates that the event aims to be financially viable, including the total costs and a reasonable number of attendees required to break even.

For funding supported by a guarantee, a brief financial summary should be sent following the event confirming the value required (or a mail confirming the event was profitable and no funding is required).

For communications, the application should describe the intended communication, type of event to be publicised and target audience, together with a budget and request for a contribution to the cost.

The Board requests the completion of a brief feedback form following supported events in order to assist the Board in allocating future funds.