a short introduction


This document sets out the policy of Rock Solid Fund (RSF), to give an explanation of its aim, the activities that the fund supports, and how qualifying organisations can apply for financial support.

our purpose


The aim of Rock Solid Fund is to provide financial support to groups teaching Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Charleston and Rock and Roll in North Holland to enable them to offer events (for example, lessons, parties and workshops) with greater financial security. The fund is also available to share costs of producing communications publicising those events.

Rock Solid Fund


RSF was founded in 2019 as an initiative of a private individual in order to provide financial donations to beneficiary organisations. The intention is to operate RSF for an initial period of five years from 2019 to 2024 with a budget of EUR 10,000 per year. Donations during 2019 will be made as private financial gifts to applicant organisations or individuals. In future years the fund may be transferred to a charitable Stichting under Dutch legislation.

The level of donations allocated year to date/ remaining balance in the fund is available at any time on request and will be available on the website so that applicants are aware of the level of financial support remaining. Any value unused by the fund at the year end may be carried forward at the discretion of the donor.

Rock Solid Fund


Organisations or individual persons can apply for a financial contribution to their events / communications. This can be:

  1. a financial guarantee, to ensure the organiser does not lose money in case insufficient participants attend. In this case, the fund will provide a payment to the organiser that makes up the loss. Requests can be made for guarantees for existing events and/or to support new initiatives and ideas.
  2. a sum of money that will enable an event to improve or grow, eg where a regular event is financially viable but the organiser would occasionally like to offer a more expensive venue or band. In this case the fund could provide a payment to the organiser for the additional cost.
  3. a contribution to costs related to communications.
Donations, once offered in writing, are unconditional and the donor requires no influence over the event. If the event is cancelled, the donation won’t be granted, or must be returned within five calendar days of cancellation.

Criteria for awarding financial support:

  • The dance organisation should operate in the field of Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Charleston or Rock and Roll and offer events in North Holland.
  • The main aim of communications is to publicise events meeting the above criteria.
  • Events which are free to attendees are not supported.
  • Initiatives may aim to make a reasonable profit that the organisation reinvests into future dance events. If direct support of type 2 is given and the event is profitable, the financial contribution from RSF is not repayable if the event makes a profit.
  • Initiatives from multiple organisations who wish to collaborate on larger events are welcome.

The fund supports individual events. Should support be needed for long-term projects or regular events, separate requests may be made. This gives the Board the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of donations and to enable the allocation of funds across multiple applicants.

Applications can be rejected without specific reasoning.